History of the Piano




Bartolomeo Cristofori
About.com provides biographical information about the inventor of the piano.

A History of the Piano from 1709 to 1980
Thorough history from a British Web site -- be careful of the ads on this one!

National Piano Foundation
Explore and learn about the 300 year history of the piano. Click on the link to the far right on the main page and use the interactive timeline.

Piano History Metapage
Links to more specific aspects of piano history.

Piano Methods
From: "Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music"

The Story of the Piano
Excerpt from The Piano, by Jeremy Siepmann, London: Carlton Books Limited, 1996. 

Virtual Piano Museum
Pictures of many high end pianos and short articles on specialized elements of piano history.

The Why of the Piano
Good history of the invention of the piano with diagrams.