Student's Online Reference Room






AR Quiz Search
Just for you students: This is really a web site to buy AR quizzes and other educational stuff, but you can use it to look up word counts for your favorite AR books.

Constructed Response Survey
Click here to take Ms. Harrison's research survey.

Dr. Grammar
Dr. Grammar's FAQ sheet is good quick place to look for common grammar mistakes and commonly confused words.

Language Tools
Use this site to look up a word in a dictionary or find synonyms, idioms, or technical words. There is even a tool to help you solve crosswords! Be careful: you need to look at the form closely to figure out which tool to use.


AAA Math
Has your math class left you behind feeling hopeless and confused? Are you a math brainiac light years ahead of your classmates? Either, you might use this site to find a math topic you need to know more about.


Animal Diversity Web
Use the search feature to find your animal. Great for science projects because this site diagrams the family-genus-species, etc.

Eric Weissstein's World of Scientific Biography
Eric Weisstein's World of Science is written and maintained by the author as a public service for scientific knowledge and education. This is a good place to start if you need a short biography of a famous scientist or mathematician.

Sun & Moon Data
Sponsored by the US Navy, this database lets you find out details about the sun, moon, eclipses, etc. based on your zip code.


Social Studies

Hawaii State Government: About Hawaii
This page from the state government web site about the government and history of our state.

States and Capitals
Basic info on all 50 states and links to more information about each state. Good source for a middle school state report.
Download or print political or outline maps of all 50 states and every country in the world.



Create a Graph
Easier than Excel! Plug your data into the web site and get a graph or chart.

This should be your first stop looking for research on the Internet. These sites have all be examined and approved by real live librarians!

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Need info on a career field? Find out about job descritions, earnings, work conditions, and much more for hundreds of careers.