Students, please remember that DOE policy restricts the use of technology to activities that support your education. Games may support education but students are not free to play any game they find. You may only play games listed below. If you find a game that you believe is appropriate for school, see library staff to obtain a "request for approval form" to have that game added to our web site.

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Only games directly linked to the school web site may be played. If you are in a game and have to hit the "back" button more than twice to get to the school web site, you may not play that game.


Chess, Etc.
Few games are better for devoloping logic and strategy than chess. This site also has links to checkers, Chinese checkers and other similar games.


Memory Games
Learning is much more than memorizing but, a good memory makes learning much easier. Try these games to improve your memory.


Code Breaker
If your Rubik's Cube has you stumped, try practicing on this game.

Line Rider - An Internet Physics toy.

Rubik's Cube
...or tackle the whole manapua!

Puzzle Parlor
Puzzles are a great way to improve your spatial intelligence and work on pattern recognition.




Cool Math Games

Note: Due to too many students following links from this site to other game sites we need to restrict access. You may play the math games on the page that appears from this link ONLY! (ie. no linking to Spike's Game Zone, etc!)

Cool Math @

We extend our thanks to Karen, CEO of Cool Math, for making these games available.

Falling Sand Games

Free Rice
Build your vocabulary and earn rice which will be donated to poor people around the world.


Mikhail Kryshen's Online Games
...the Tron cycle game and others.